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I Went On An Adventure




I went on a hike a few days ago to test out my new camera. It is a Nikon D3400 I am still getting used to it, so some of the photos are kind of cut off, but the clarity is pretty good I think. So lets start going through the photos.

This first shot is a Cactus growing out of a crack in some rocks.DSC_0014

But when we zoom in a bit we can see a friendly spider has made its web underneath the cactus.


As if being covered in 2 inch long spines wasn’t enough to keep people away the 2 foot wide spiderweb so thick you cant see through it should do the job.

Next we come to a cliff that might just be kept from falling by 2 trees




Now lets go up to the top of a cliff from witch I was able to look down on a waterfall.



And here is a short video



Then I saw the most messed up tree ever. It looks like it is trying to eat the rocks it is growing out of. But even cooler than that was the Dragon living in it.



And here is some GOPro Videos of my hike. Watch if you like to see fat guys sitting on cliff edges and then jumping rock to rock and not falling. Yes I am like a Goblin/Goat.





















Now some leftover Photos I think turned out pretty good but I couldn’t fit them in to the story lol.





Phoenix Comic Con 2017

I had a great time this year. I met some great authors and got to talk to many I have met before. I also met some great regular people, well not sure how well regular fits but…. Let’s just say some other people in costume. I am just going to post a bunch of photos in this post I will be doing a separate post about some of the signed books I will be giving away.

Handy Hobs How to make a Helpful Hat Holder


Hello This will be a Hip post using Homoeoptotonian H words. Sorry but my Hat Holder brought about a hwyl in me! If you don’t know the meaning of something in this post I Have definitions below so you don’t think I am full of Hooey.


In an effort to get rid of some of the useless crap cluttering my shelves and Hindering my organization.


I came up with this neat little Sword in the Stone Hat Holder. Its not just for Hats However, you could hang a Helmet  or even a Hauberk from the Hilt If your Hardware  is Heavy enough. But I Hate to tell you this little Hog-Goblin, but that is not a Hat




I don’t know the Horometry it will take you., but it took me just Half of a Half Hour (15 min) to complete this project, not including time for the  paint to dry. ( It doesn’t take an Horologist to know paint dries slower if you Hover over it)

What you will need to Have to  Hand.

  1. The Handle Half of a wooden sword
  2. A Heavy piece of Styrofoam
  3. Black or a dark Hyacinthine paint
  4. some “stone” spray paint (Hold your nose it stinks Horribly )
  5. One H bracket……
  6. Just kidding you need a L bracket or a Hinge
  7. Handful of screws Sorry Hobnails won’t work


The wooden sword I got free from a Spirit Halloween store. I was building a Haunted house for my kids school with Hardly any budget at all. I just went in and asked the manager if they Had any broken items that we could Have to use as props for the Haunted House. I got the sword and a Whole ( it sounds like it starts with H) lot more. It was a lot of Hard work but I think it turned out great and it made the kids Happy.



I don’t Happen to remember where I got the Styrofoam  I Had painted 2 matching pieces of the Foam black for something else  But only used Half of what I Had.when I Had Hung one up with my real swords.  You can get the other things at Home depot or any Hardware store for a few bucks.


  1. Paint the Styrofoam with the black paint. Or you can use any dark color you Happen to Have Handy.
  2. If your sword Happens to be whole you will need to cut it in Half.
  3. Line up the L Bracket at the tip of the Half sword and mark the Holes. Then drill them out with a bit Half the size of your screws.
  4. Once the paint on the foam Has Hardened spray it with the stone spray paint. I use a Helpful spray paint can clip on Handle for better control of over-spray.
  5. I may have Habromania but this part makes me Happy. You get to Stab the foam …. in the Heart? Well anywhere you want as long as there is a Hole.
  6. Once you have committed a Styrofoam Homicide Slide the sword in until you see the Holes you drilled in step 3.
  7. We need to find a stud to Hang your Hobs Handy Hat Holder™ as it will be too Heavy to Hang from the drywall. Once we Have the Location, line up, mark. then drill the pilot Holes and use the screws to Hold the Bracket to the wall .
  8. Now we align the Holes in the sword with the other Half of the L bracket and put the screws in.

9.. Now test it to see if it will Hold up with a bit of weight on the Haft.

  1. We need to Handle the Styrofoam carefully as we slowly slide the “Heavy stone” down the sword away from the Hilt until it Hides the Hardware.


There you Have it! You made your own Hobs Handy Hat Holder™, and you read my Hortatory writing practice using  my Horrisonant Homotaxic Hephaestic Help. I Hope I didn’t use any Heterophemy in the post, I also Hope you learned some Heretofore unknown words without becoming Hypnagogic. Or worse become so angry that you thought of committing hospiticide. But I am sure your honorificabilitudinity is to high to try that.

Did you Have as much fun reading this as I Had writing it? I Hope so!


habergeon sleeveless mail coat
habromania insanity featuring cheerful delusions
halecret light half-suit of plate armour
hallux big toe
haqueton stuffed jacket worn under mail
hauberk long chain mail coat
heaume massive helmet covering head and shoulders
hephaestic of, like or pertaining to iron-working and blacksmiths
heretofore until now
heterism variation
heteropathy excessive sensitivity
heterophemy accidental use of word different from that meant
heteroscian dweller of a temperate zone
heterosis use of one form of a noun or pronoun in place of another for rhetorical effect
homoeoptoton use of series of words sharing the same inflections
hwyl emotional state capable of arousing intense eloquence


composed of similar parts
homiletical of, like or pertaining to homilies
homotaxic arranged in a similar manner
homuncule little artificial person
honorificabilitudinity honourableness
hooey nonsense; humbug
horrisonant dreadful-sounding
hortatory giving exhortation or advice
hortensial of, like or pertaining to gardens
hospitate to greet; to welcome
hospiticide killer of one’s guest or host




science of time measurement A Horologist

horometry time measurement
hyacinthine of a blue or purple color
hyphaeresis omission of sound or letter from a word
hypnagogic sleep-inducing; pertaining to drowsiness or sleep
hypnoetic of, like or pertaining to unconscious logical thought
hypophrenia weakness of mental facilities
hypostasis basis; foundation; essence
hypostrophe return to primary argument after digression
hypostyle pillar

Teaching my son to Ride and more

Yesterday I drove down the mountain to Scottsdale and picked up my eldest son. I am going to give him my motorcycle but he needs to learn how to drive it first. So I took him to where the old drive in theater was and showed him how it is done. . I think I may have been reading to much LitRPG the last few weeks or fantasy in general all my life beacuse When the old guy on the scooter came over with his sage advice I was expecting him to give us a quest. But anyway here is some video of my boy on my bike doing his first few laps.

Then on my way home I stopped at one of my favorite trail heads and did a quick 2 1/2 mile hike. It is just over one mile up and one down extremely steep.


It is almost rock climbing instead of hiking, but the reason I love it so much is the view from the top. You can see how close the road is but so far below that kind of puts it in perspective.

But here is a video of me going down the trail a year ago so you can see how steep it is. I apologize in advance for my belly bouncing around I didn’t realize I was filming and it was hot. I had climbed to the top in the dark so I could take some sunrise photos and less then an hour after sunrise it was already about 110 degrees.But I am proud to say that belly is no longer there

Here are a few more photos of I have take on that trail in the past

Cool Axe Throws and a Sunset

A few days ago I went for a short hike. I wanted to get some Sunset photos because the clouds looked really cool. I brought my trusty axe with me and made a few really good throws. Sorry the video is shaky I was holding the camera. I was wishing I had more than one axe when Coyotes started howling from 3 different directions around me, but I never saw more than cows moving around..

A good post trust me you will have emotions of some kind while reading

Around 2005 my brother got out of Prison and i let him move in to  our guest house. We didn’t really get along but we managed. Then in  2010 my neighbors work  truck crashed in to the house at 2am. It went through the wall so hard that it hit my youngest sons bed and launched it into the air to smash on top of my oldest sons bed. My wife our 3 kids and I were not home. It was Easter Sunday and we had stayed over at my in-laws. Both of my boys would have most likely been killed and we had a huge hole in our house. They were so drunk they ran home but one passed out in a yard a few houses down the other was walking up and down the street looking for his phone he had left in the truck when the police got there. So I wanted to move right away. but the Insurance co wouldn’t pay for it until the police investigation was completed. So I was really stressed out.

But then we were told the truck had $200 in counterfeit cash in it so the secret service told the police to back off while they did surveillance on the guys and the company they worked for. So I was basically told that I would have to live 8 houses down from criminals that would have killed 2 of my kids if we had been home. while living in a house with no front wall while these two fuckers where left un-arrested and would slow down in front of my house and then peal out every day.  Trying or scare us or something.

After a week and a half I said Fuck it and we left I packed up as much as I could in one load and we just walked away from it and got a condo. The reason I am saying this is because I spent all day going through my brothers storage unit that he hasn’t paid the last year or so. My brother owed like $1700 but The storage place made a deal with my mom if we paid $500 we could get the stuff out  and she has a bunch of stuff in there and all of my Grandmothers things are in there as well. It is a huge 20′ X 10′ and 12′ tall  it was packed full.


I only got about half way in today, But I found a bunch of my old stuff that we had just left. My mig welder and a bunch of other tools. But I am most excited about the toys lol..


Usually when I listen to an Audiobook, I have something else to do. Like working, Hiking, or cleaning. But Last night I was just kicking back in bed and my head hurt a bit, so I didn’t want to read. But …well you know that’s a lie, I wanted to read…. So I put on a AB and then started messing around in Photoshop. This is when we come to the crux of the problem I need your help with. I made a a few  new Blog graphics to switch out for this one.


So let me know what one you like best of the Images bellow. Or I can just roll Some Dice and pick one

  1. cowboy-hob

  2. gholem

  3. gob-ross

  4. ho1b

  5. hob

  6. hob-blogger

  7. junky

  8. gholem1.jpg                           For Somnasanin

Playing in a tiny bit of snow with my not so tiny Goblins

OK first off this is my Oldest son, My daughter, and My adopted son in law? Um they are not married yet but they have been together like forever and I love the kid like hes one of my own, even if I feel like a Dwarf around him. Then check out the Goat shirt. I need one of those to send to Peter Newman. Then if you where to see the book being opened it is a signed copy of Paternus by the one and only Dyrk Ashton. Oh and I gave them some sharp and pointy things. The throwing axe was fun. My daughter was not amused….



The first ATLAS POST

In Greek Mythology there was a god named Atlas. He was the heavy lifter of the ancient world. Keeping the sky from falling to earth by holding it up on his shoulders, Often shown like this.atlas.  That is until Heracles saved him by building the two great Pillars to hold the sky away from the earth, I think I have found one of those pillars!!  It used to be called my  To Be Read pile. Yes even though I have read 275 books around 100,000 pages in 2016 my TBR pile is higher than ever. So I am changing the name of my TBR to  A.T.L.A.S

“Why does it mean?”

Well just like the pillars that saved Atlas my TBR pile is really tall.  But that’s not why I am calling it ATLAS. No  ATLAS is an acronym for



And I never cared for the term Book haul so they will now be called an ATLAS POST.

“What the hell is that supposed to stand for?”

Believe it or not I am glad you asked that question Bob

  ATLAS POST is an Acronym for


So lets go forthwith  straightaway, and without adding any additional ado,

I give you my first   ATLAS POST.

I need to thank the nice folks over at TOR Books and Wendell the man under the cloak at BookWraiths for my copy of Arcanum Unbounded by Brandon Sanderson. It is beautiful!


Then I need to thank Bob Skull, my writing partner (the crazy voice in my head) for the wonderful Birthday present! He got me Lucky number #1313 of the already sold out limited Dragonsteel edition of Mistborn: The Final Empire. It is 672 gilded pages of  perfection . Printed in 2-color offset black and red inks with a satin-ribbon bookmark. It has two-color foiling on its beautiful leather cover .With tons of never-before seen artwork and a new 2-page map of the Final Empire. I am in love with this book!

Thanks Bob! Sorry I yell at you all the time.

I also have a bunch of e-books that I should mention so they don’t get lost in the confusion of my life.

  1. Every-Kingdom-Divided-Stephen-Kozeniewski
  2. Exile – Martin Owton
  3. Oblivions Forge Simon Williams
  4. Ours+Is+the+Storm
  5. Desperate Times – The 49ers3
  6. The Hall of the Diamond Queen – Anthony Ryan
  7. A Matter of Belief – Matthew Ward
  8. The Tribute – Matthew Ward
  9. It Takes a Thief to Catch a Sunrise
  10. SNAFU_-Survival-of-the-Fittest-Various
  11. The Heresy Within – Rob J. Hayes
  12. Valley of Embers The Landkist saga
  13. A Gathering of Ravens Scott Oden (reading now)
  14. Family War, A – Stewart Hotston
  15. People’s War, A – Stewart Hotston
  16. Neverland’s Library – Various

Well that’s my ATLAS for the next month or so. If you have asked me to review a book and I didn’t list it above I am either reading it, done with it and working on a review or have lost it in the shuffle of things. So to help me and you get things done and organized shoot me a email and let me know your book is missing.

And here are more pictures of Bob, my pretty book, and some swords.