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I am kind of open to review requests.

WTF does that mean?

Well If your book is a Fantasy book or has strong “Fantasy” elements in it, Feel free to ask. If your book is Sci-Fi you can ask but I probably wont take it. If your book is a YA  Mystery Bio  of a CIA agent that has saved the world wile having amnesia received while trying BDSM so they had forgotten they were the villain in the first place, so now wants to run away with his best friends wife and secret gun runner/ Sparkly Vampire/ Wereplatapus Margret Thatcher  or has any of those elements please don’t ask. You still can, and I know you will.

But …..I said Please!


*******Notice #2 *******

If Someone actually writes that book I still won’t read it but I want my cut of the Billions it will make.

******END OF NOTICE #2 ******

If you have a Question or comment for me and want to make sure I don’t run away from you with fingers in my ears use this thing.


You can get a hold of me many ways

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