This is the second year I did The Goblin awards. But for the first time I have given out an actual Gobby to one of the winners. On January 20th I went to see Pierce Brown on his Iron Gold signing tour. I had been thinking of doing a Red Rising cosplay for Comic-con later this year and at the last moment decided to start it and see what I could get done for the event. I started Thursday night and the event was on Saturday, so I really didn’t have much time. I was able to get the chest and head done and I like how they turned out.


Looking at Bob in that helmet all I can think of is ACK… ACKACK (I love you if you got that reference)

At the same time I went through a few different ideas for the Gobby award. I am lucky enough that one of the best characters in the Red Rising Saga is nicknamed Goblin. He has a thing for unicorns so I made up a set of tiny armor and gave him a unicorn to hold and POOF the first Gobby was made.DSC_5088


Then when I arrived at the signing I went in to scope out the situation a bit first in normal clothes.  I was the only one with any kind of cosplay and decided I wouldn’t wear it.  I met up with some of the guys from Hic Sunt Leones and was chilling in line when 2 people from PHX Comic-con (or Comic-fest now I guess) were going down the line asking for the biggest fans. I was all like, “I have a cosplay in the car want me to go get it?” They said yes.

When I got back in I felt a bit awkward but everyone seemed to like it. Keep in mind it was only part of the armor so I felt a bit naked. The people from Comic fest did a little interview with me and then I got back into line and soon they were sitting people.  I managed to record just about all of the talk but standing in the corner with my bulky armor I couldn’t see that my screen was out of focus.DSC_5124

Then it was back in line for the actual signing. I talked and gave recommendations to the guys in front of me the whole time. (They asked I swear)  When I got up to Pierce He complemented my armor and was surprised I had only spent a day on it. When I started to give him the Gobby he got a huge smile on his face and said “This is just how I pictured Sevro.” Well then we started talking and he wanted to sign the armor and I completely forgot to get a picture of him holding the Gobby. But these will have to do. I had a great time and it was a blast talking to Pierce again and meeting Peter and Jeff from HSL.sevroggDSC_5141DSC_5144

Check out my Reapers Blade. I wrapped the handle in red leather and then burned in the red sigil DSC_5186

This awesome poster I found at