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Pierce Brown receives the first ever actual Gobby Award

This is the second year I did The Goblin awards. But for the first time I have given out an actual Gobby to one of the winners. On January 20th I went to see Pierce Brown on his Iron Gold signing tour. I had been thinking of doing a Red Rising cosplay for Comic-con later…

Signed Red Rising Giveaway

I am in a Facebook group called Hic Sunt Leones: A Red Rising Trilogy fan group https://www.facebook.com/groups/118519022059902/

It is, well obviously, a group for fans of the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown. Who is not only a great author, he is hilarious in person, and so damn Handsome he makes my goblin face look even worse than normal, but to top it off he is really humble about it all. But I digress, to celebrate the Facebook group hitting 500 members I am going to give away a signed copy of book one of his Red Rising trilogy!

Free Giveaway Three Bookplates Autographed By Brandon Sanderson

I will be giving away Three Autographed Bookplates from #1 International Bestselling Author Brandon Sanderson Designed by Isaac Stewart. These bookplates are signed and can be used as a bookmark but they are also decals  and can be placed just about anywhere they fit.  3″ x 4″ You MUST comment below on this post to…