Songs for the Dead A Short Story

Death was nimble, and death was quick, there It was, and see you it did. The Fort was strong, the Fort was fraught, thought it was safe, though it was not. The Guards stood proud, the Guards stood tall, then He came, and they did fall. The cry was raised the cry was heard its raisers did hide but did not hide all. Hide your face when comes the night, cover your eyes and survive you just might. Enter the Fort and meet your end, show your face for yourself you must fend. So bring all your solders and line up the walls, have them patrol the long empty halls. Give them your orders with your last breath, then wish you had saved it to scream, when you too meet Death.

Big News From Richard Knaak

Unless you have been living under a rock you must have heard of the coloring books for adults craze. When you walk in to B&N there are over 40 different coloring books right by the doors. Mr.Knaak recently decided to create a coloring book Based on his Dragonrealm Series.It is about an empire ruled by shape …

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The Rise of IO by Wesley Chu is here

I was talking to Wesley last week about his tour schedule. He was unsure if he could make it to the next Phoenix Comic-con because his new manager is to young to talk yet. But he told me about some signed limited edition copies at B&N online. I checked it out and they where the …

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When the Heavens Fall (The Chronicle of the Exile, #1) By Marc Turner

I had been hearing good things about this series for a while and really wanting to read it. So instead of patiently waiting till it was on top of my "to be read' pile I pushed the pile over and grabbed it. So glad I did. But now I will be even further behind on …

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