A good post trust me you will have emotions of some kind while reading

Around 2005 my brother got out of Prison and i let him move in to  our guest house. We didn’t really get along but we managed. Then in  2010 my neighbors work  truck crashed in to the house at 2am. It went through the wall so hard that it hit my youngest sons bed and launched it into the air to smash on top of my oldest sons bed. My wife our 3 kids and I were not home. It was Easter Sunday and we had stayed over at my in-laws. Both of my boys would have most likely been killed and we had a huge hole in our house. They were so drunk they ran home but one passed out in a yard a few houses down the other was walking up and down the street looking for his phone he had left in the truck when the police got there. So I wanted to move right away. but the Insurance co wouldn’t pay for it until the police investigation was completed. So I was really stressed out.

But then we were told the truck had $200 in counterfeit cash in it so the secret service told the police to back off while they did surveillance on the guys and the company they worked for. So I was basically told that I would have to live 8 houses down from criminals that would have killed 2 of my kids if we had been home. while living in a house with no front wall while these two fuckers where left un-arrested and would slow down in front of my house and then peal out every day.  Trying or scare us or something.

After a week and a half I said Fuck it and we left I packed up as much as I could in one load and we just walked away from it and got a condo. The reason I am saying this is because I spent all day going through my brothers storage unit that he hasn’t paid the last year or so. My brother owed like $1700 but The storage place made a deal with my mom if we paid $500 we could get the stuff out  and she has a bunch of stuff in there and all of my Grandmothers things are in there as well. It is a huge 20′ X 10′ and 12′ tall  it was packed full.


I only got about half way in today, But I found a bunch of my old stuff that we had just left. My mig welder and a bunch of other tools. But I am most excited about the toys lol..

6 thoughts on “A good post trust me you will have emotions of some kind while reading

  1. I am glad your children are safe. I am sorry you had such a troubled time. I congratulate you on finding the toys. I am happy I read this post. Good going, Hob. My your goblin always find a new book to haunt, a new toy to play with, and some followers to add to your joy.

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  2. Well, I had emotions of some kind. At first I said WTF? Is that the end of th story? Then I expanded the pics of the toys. Man I sure wish I had kept my sons HeMan, Skeltor and Shera toys. He had the castle and all the extras. He is 35 now but I have such fond memories of hearing him go “uuugghh. I am HeMan!” His little voice just came back to me. Thanks Hob!!

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  3. That is completely terrifying! And completely angering at the same time. It is unreal that after an incident like that, you were forced to just make the decision to leave because they wanted to wait! Thank goodness you were away. Such a frightening what if.

    Oh and do I see HeMan toys! Including Orco!?

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  4. Gah, that’s scary! I’m glad your boys are okay. It’s funny how certain objects can really bring us back through time. I’m always finding little boxes of stuff or toys in the basement that reminds me of certain time periods, no matter how far back.

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