It may feel like the world is falling apart but…

I am so Happy I can finally tell everyone that the world will be OK. Everything will be fine now. Because My Daughter Kelsy is officially a nurse now. Ever since she was around 7 or 8 and she took over getting herself and her brothers up and ready for school, and checking all the homework was done…….

Basically she took over parenting duties at 8 years old for herself and her 2 brothers. But anyway since then she has been helping the people (and animals) around her nonstop. She has always been there, helping those in need. From little things like making a sad friend smile or helping with homework to big things like walking dogs at the animal shelter and answering phones at the teen suicide hotline.

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At every step of her life she has truly amazed me.  She is such a talented artist that for years I told her she should focus on art and make a good living. I even got her hired (without asking her first) by one of my favorite authors to sketch and design a coloring book about Dragons. She took the job but wasn’t able to finish it because she insisted that school was more important. Once again showing how she is more grown up than I am.

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Schooling is what this post is supposed to be about so I will get back on topic. She has put so much effort in to learning and helping those around her to excel that she has been an inspiration not just to me but everyone that has met her. With her goofy sense of humor that she gets from me and her beauty she thankfully didn’t get from me, She has marched through affecting and effecting everyone around her.

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She has been at or near the top of every class and not just because she already knew stuff or it came easy to her. She had the dedication and drive to learn that I wish I would have had. For the last 10 years I don’t think I ever saw her when she didn’t have a stack of flash cards in her purse (always color coded and put on a ring) and would make any spare moment a learning moment.

And now all of that work has paid off and she has graduated with Honors from ASU’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I couldn’t be prouder than I am already, and at the same time I feel so bad for her. Because of the times we live in, her graduation was canceled and she wasn’t given that recognition from her teachers and peers that she so much deserves. I also am worried for my little girl, in that she is going in to the medical field at this point in history.  But then I think about when she started interning at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I said to her “You won’t be able to HELP everyone, kids will die in front of you. Can you handle that?” Her response was one of the most amazing things I have ever heard. She said “Dad you are wrong, I may not be able to SAVE everyone, but I can HELP them. And for that reason I can and will handle it.” That my good readers is the kind of thinking that will save the world.

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One last thing I just wanted to share this little text exchange between Kelsy, my oldest son, and myself.


Yeah doing okay down here. Ridiculous amounts of stress and homework for the last week of college but getting through it!

How are you guys?


You’re almost done!

Excited to never do homework again?


Or at least for like two years till I get bored and want to get my doctorate


Just write yourself doctors notes and never need to show up, it’s the perfect crime.


Man I love my kids. They always bring a smile to my face because I know they make the world a better place.

Thank you for reading this, I will be posting some book reviews soon and it is good to be back.


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