I Went On An Adventure




I went on a hike a few days ago to test out my new camera. It is a Nikon D3400 I am still getting used to it, so some of the photos are kind of cut off, but the clarity is pretty good I think. So lets start going through the photos.

This first shot is a Cactus growing out of a crack in some rocks.DSC_0014

But when we zoom in a bit we can see a friendly spider has made its web underneath the cactus.


As if being covered in 2 inch long spines wasn’t enough to keep people away the 2 foot wide spiderweb so thick you cant see through it should do the job.

Next we come to a cliff that might just be kept from falling by 2 trees




Now lets go up to the top of a cliff from witch I was able to look down on a waterfall.



And here is a short video



Then I saw the most messed up tree ever. It looks like it is trying to eat the rocks it is growing out of. But even cooler than that was the Dragon living in it.



And here is some GOPro Videos of my hike. Watch if you like to see fat guys sitting on cliff edges and then jumping rock to rock and not falling. Yes I am like a Goblin/Goat.





















Now some leftover Photos I think turned out pretty good but I couldn’t fit them in to the story lol.




3 thoughts on “I Went On An Adventure

  1. Love the Goboat/Goatlin/Goblin-Goat. Wonderful pictures. I miss trekking so much. Did you find caves in the rocks and take samples of cacti?

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