I am a avid (some say Obsessive) reader. I hate to put a book down once I start it. I have done a lot of reviews on Goodreads.com  and Facebook. People seamed to like them so I thought I would try doing “that Blog thing”

Yes I had never been on a blog before 2016. Then I entered a few contests and that is about it until May. That’s when I decided to make this Blog.So after that first night I promptly forgot about it. (must have picked up a good book or something)

I didn’t make my first actual post until October 8th 2016 and with in 23 days I had  323  people visit my site.You have no idea how amazed I am at this!  I thank you all and I appreciate every visit to my little Hobgoblin Cave.


If you are a author and would like me to read your book I would be honored to read and review it.

I have been Amazed at the responses to my posts. I guess I am kind of funny even though I am a DAD. I didn’t know that was even possible. Well anyway I am still happy to read your book and give a review. I have received many requests and will read them all. If your book has a audio book version, I will be able to get to it much sooner. If not I use a kindle for my E-books. If you would like to send me a real “Paper” book  let me know in the Email and I will give you  the address.  Thanks for your interest in my blog, and for your time spent writing! It is a hard thing to do, putting a piece of ones soul down on paper and it is appreciated!


I am not taking new review requests at this time for ARC’s or time sensitive reviews. If there is no hurry and it is a Fantasy book go ahead and send an Email with the blurb and I will try to fit it in.

You can get a hold of me many ways

Email through the blog

Personal Facebook page

My Facebook Blog page The Blog goblin

On Twitter @Hobblogin

Cans on a String

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