Second Annual Goblin Awards

Last year I had just started my blog in October so I wasn't really sure how to do an end of the year wrap up. I ended up going with an award show type of thing because I had not seen it done anywhere else. Plus I didn't have many readers so I basically was … Continue reading Second Annual Goblin Awards

Phoenix Comic Con 2017

I had a great time this year. I met some great authors and got to talk to many I have met before. I also met some great regular people, well not sure how well regular fits but.... Let's just say some other people in costume. I am just going to post a bunch of photos … Continue reading Phoenix Comic Con 2017

Bluescreen By Dan Wells Audio Book Review

*******Somehow half or more of this review was erased Will fix at some point Sorry and read the book!*** I have Been a fan of Dan Wells since 2009, right after his first book came out. His john Cleaver books where fantastic. Then with Partials I watched the book trailer and thought it looked cool … Continue reading Bluescreen By Dan Wells Audio Book Review