Adventures in Cheesy 3D Art Excellence

In my continuing pursuit of creating the best bad 3D art I recently started working on making custom skins for the characters. So I started thinking what literary character might be a challenge to make a skin for. The first one that came to mind was Arlen Bales one of the main POV characters in The Demon Cycle series by Peter V. Brett. And if I was going to do him I should do his wife,  Renna as well. If you Haven’t read the series I highly recommend it. I know I left a review about it around here somewhere….. Also not really, but maybe kinda sorta don’t read past this if you haven’t finished the series and don’t want spoilers.

OK now where was I ?……. Oh yeah. After I had the Who I needed a where. I started thinking of a scene to recreate and try as I may I couldn’t come up with one I wanted to do and had the 3D props to make it look good. But I then started thinking about the end of the series and how poor Arlen had given so much to save the world and really didn’t even get to see how it all turned out. That got me thinking well what if he had one day to just hang with the family in our world. And that is how I came up with this 3D photo of Arlen, Renna, and little Darin having a bit of fun family time on a tilt a whirl swing set

and then playing a game of football (Both kinds at once) against a whole team and kicking ass.

I totally saw Arlen as a crocs guy even before he was a dad.

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