Help me rename my Book Haul posts

When I announced my return to blogging I was surprised and humbled by the interest I got from both authors and readers, and I just want to say thank you so much. The reviews will start coming soon but for now, here is a Book Haul post. I used to call them Atlas posts, because I had so many books they made a pillar to hold the world. But in the time I have been away I have been teaching myself 3D animation and stuff so my old cheesy bad Photoshop graphics are looking much cooler now days, and I want to come up with a new name for my book hauls. I was thinking something like adding to the goblin horde. But am not crazy about that so I am asking you to give me some ideas of what to call my book hauls.

When I returned to FB even before I started talking about blogging again I got a text from Charles Phipps asking how I was doing and if I wanted a copy of his new audiobook. When I said yes and that I really missed blogging and was thinking about starting it back up. His response was “I miss your reviews too man. We need a bit of zany in our lives now.” And that sure is true.  His next response basically was Great I have more books for you too if you want. I did want so thanks to C.T. Phipps for the four books but even more so for helping me to realize that my silly words are appreciated and enjoyed by my readers and the authors who’s books I review.

2ct2aaaboooHere are the links to the 4 that Charles was nice enough to send me. I am almost done with Brightblade and am really loving it.

I also picked up Apocalypse Yesterday by Brock Adams

and Ink & Sigil by Kevin Hearne a new book in the Iron Druid world but with a new protagonist.

both of these I got from NetGalley


A quick note about my new 3D graphics. The program I use mostly is called Daz Studio and it is free if any of you are interested. They make money by selling models. The way it works is kind of like …. Let’s say you want to take a photo of a bunch of Barbie dolls and G.I Joes sitting at a table for tea. but wait first you have to buy the dolls and the table and chairs. Daz is the same. For everything in the Photo you need an actual model or asset. That includes the outfit the hair the background and even the pose the people are in. Now you can buy just about any kind of model imaginable but I swore I would never pay for one.

I have already collected a few thousand assets and they give 12 things away every week. So my collection will continue to grow. Plus there are tons of free things around on line. I can also make things using a few different programs that I have but I really suck at. However if I can’t find the right model I will substitute the closest thing I can find. Making your own poses is easy but extremely time consuming and I have hundreds of poses already but almost all that I have are like in this photo extremely over dramatic or dancing or modeling type poses. So between the assets and the poses I shouldn’t have a problem with the comic relief even if I am not feeling it while I am writing.


This is my recreation of a battle at the beginning of Brightblade when some bail bondsmen come to collect a Werebear   and a Vampire comes to get him too.

4 thoughts on “Help me rename my Book Haul posts

    • I Think I found the perfect title and it was right in front of me the whole time. Ill call them GoB posts Gathering of Books I was trying to come up with something for the L I N but they just got really bad really fast the best was Like I Needem and that kinda fits lol


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