Book Haul + A Giveaway

October Was a great month for books, at least it was for me. So of course I am going to spread the love a bit and have a giveaway! But before we get to that let me show you what I was lucky enough to get my  grubby little goblin hands on.


  1. The Midnight Dunes (The Landkist Saga #3) by Steven Kelliher


Steven sent over an E-ARC of the third book in his Landkist saga. I don’t know if his time as a UFC fighter helped but the battle scenes in this series are written very well. Go pick up a copy of Valley of Embers if you haven’t already got it.


  1. Black Guild (Black Powder Wars, #2) by JP. Ashman


My Cactus loving goblin buddy sent me the digital ARC for his eagerly awaited second installment in his fantastic flintlock fantasy series the Black Powder Wars.  Check out the new cover Pen Astridge aka The Mighty Pen just finished for book one.

  1. The Infernal Battalion (The Shadow Campaigns #5) by Django Wexler


I have to thank the publisher (Ace)  for this one.  I admit I already finished this a few days ago. This has been a great series from the start and to be honest this is the best one yet! One of the most satisfying series ends that I have read in years.

by Adrian Collins, Mark Alder, R. Scott Bakker, Bradley P. Beaulieu, Michael R. Fletcher, T. Frohock , Alex Marshall, Peter Orullian, Jeff Salyards, Courtney Schafer, Shawn Speakman ,Brian Staveley, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Marc Turner, Matthew Ward, Kaaron Warren, Mazarkis Williams, Deborah A. Wolf, Janny Wurts, E.V. Morrigan


I backed this as a Kickstarter last year and received my beautiful hardcover copy a few weeks ago. Then last week I got a magical mystery paperback in the mail. Neither  I nor Adrian know why I got it but since I don’t need 2 of them…. Yup you guessed correctly this is the giveaway!

Open to all. Just comment below to enter . While not necessary to share this post it is appreciated! You don’t need to have a account to comment but it will ask for an email. I don’t care if you give a made up email but if you are the randomly selected winner you will have 24 hours to respond to the notice I send you. After that I will randomly select someone else. The contest will end and the winner will be chosen Friday the first of December.

Good Luck!


A winner has been chosen! Congrats Beth Rosser



26 thoughts on “Book Haul + A Giveaway

  1. Sounds like you had a great book month. I personally can’t wait for Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson to come out this month. Thanks for the giveaway, I’ve heard great things about this anthology.

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  2. That’s quite a haul. I’m personally excited about Oathbringer coming up this month. I have heard great things about “Evil is a Matter of Perspective” anthology as well, especially the art work.

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  4. Hi, just came over from Bookwraiths, as he had you listed on a sidebar. The first thing that happened was a huge popup asking for my telephone number. Was that something you deliberately put up or is that something else?

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  5. Wish I had the time and money to buy and read as much as I did when I was younger but alas, good things never last.
    Should I win the giveaway I’ll at least be able to save some money to spend on an other book meaning two new books this quarter 😀😀😀
    Now all I need is the time to read them…

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