Art (or something like it) Contest

The author J.P. Ashman was nice enough to come to yours truly and ask if we can give some books away. If you have been to my little blog before you know I love giving away books. So of course I said yes.

We will give away three prizes. First Prize is a signed and doodled copy of Black Cross. Second and third prize will be winners choice of Paperback or Ebook copies.  But we are going to make you work for it this time. We are going to do an art contest with celebrity judges and everything!  Wait! hear me out before you leave.Trust me it won’t be that hard. There will be 3 ways you can win and I will post examples

One winner will be chosen for the best/ most creative Drawing, painting, sand castle, Interpretive Dance  using Cool Rider from Grease 2 or .. you know, …whatever Flips your boat. But those ideas are pure gold! Like this Art by Laura M, Hughes



One will go to the worst /but still creative entry. Here is my great example of a bad drawing…. This was drawn  for me back it 2015  by The award winning author and terrible artist  Brian Staveley. This is his depiction of The Last Mortal Bond  book cover  before it was released.



And the strangest/Funniest or most Puntastic?  (not sure if that is a word but it should be!).Will get a book. Something like like this one by the guy behind this contest Mr. Jebidiah Pendragon Ashman.



OK I know right now you are thinking to yourself “Hey self we can draw bad, We can draw really BAD we are a sure win! But what do we draw?”  Then Images like this are jumping in to your head


First let me just say that it is weird that you actually talk to yourself like that. Second you should see a therapist if something like that was in your head. Third I was on heavy medication when I made that so don’t judge me

But yes that would be a valid entry. Basically any thing that has Black Powder Wars in it or any thing based on the book.

What do you mean you haven’t read it? Well I suppose if you had a copy already you wouldn’t want to try and win one. I wanted it to be a goblin drawing contest because there are goblins in the series but you can draw anything from or inspired by the Black Powder Wars. Like a mash up of 2 book covers.

black macabre3black malice

to something like an advertisement like this old spice add that I tweaked a bit.

Hello, Humans, look at your Book, now back to me, now back at your Book, now back to me. Sadly, your  book isn’t from Black Powder Wars, but if you stopped reading ladies romance books and switched to a good book, it would be Black Cross.  Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a boat with the book your book could be. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s some type of art that you made for a contest.. Look again, the art is  now Black Cross. Anything is possible when your Book  smells like gunpowder and not a lady. I’m a Goblin.……



On second thought instead of using anything from me as inspiration you should use this  awesome (and serendipitously quite descriptive) quote from  Author  Dyrk Ashton

“How can I possibly describe Black Cross? How about, a hearty-epic-buddy-flintlock-pirate-fantasy-adventure with humans and wizards, goblins and gnomes, an inquisition, a plague, sexy elf maidens, assassins, Dukes, Ladies and Lords, magic wands, deadly potions, docks and ships and wooded wilderness, unique shapeshifters (a seal-man, to be specific), abounding action, dockside gangs, succubi, and high intrigue galore. And I mustn’t forget, a giant caterpillar. Whew. And I don’t think that even covers it.”


Now let me tell you about our Celebrity Judges. First we have the amazing artists Shawn King

Shawn is an award winning Graphic Designer, specializing in print media, book design primarily. He is the In-House Graphic Designer for Ragnarok Publications (visit their website here To find out More and see some of the amazing covers he has done go to

Next we have  Pen Astridge and let me just say I love her style.  She is a Creative Director for Nationwide Advertising in Sydney and a co-founder of the gaming news and reviews site Gamebug

Pen can be found on:     Facebook     Twitter    Deviantart    Wattpad.

 That’s it for the artists but we also have some Authors crazy enough to get involved with my weird little blog. Well guys any publicity is good publicity, right?

The first author we have is hands down without a doubt The Best Zombie to ever grace the silver screen by getting run over and then smashed in the head with a hammer in 1990  Dyrk Ashton author of Paternus a great book and first of a planned trilogy. The next  Homer Except his book is told through the eyes of a teen girl.  Paternus  actually makes sense of real mythology and is not just a weird story about a guy with weak ankles and stuff. You can find more about this awesome guy at

I don’t know how J.P. was able to talk this award winning author  into being the final judge in a crazy little contest on my crazy little Blog  .[/stage whisper] Probably using blackmail.   Whatever the reason though, I am super excited to have him here! The final Judge is none other than John waytofamoustobemessingaroundonmyblog  Gwynne.  I am not sure if that is his real middle name but he usually just  goes by John Gwynne.(the middle name probably just  doesn’t fit on book covers well)  John is the author of the epic fantasy quartet The Faithful and the Fallen.  You can find more about him on his website Or pick up one of his books by going in to just about any book store in the world or from the links below.

Malice (2012) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Valor (2014) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Ruin (2015) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Wrath (2016) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

So who is this guy that wants you to make something for his enjoyment? Well he is a new author from …… well how about I copy and paste. Born Lancashire, England, J. P. Ashman is a Northern lad through and through. His parents love wildlife, history, fantasy and science fiction, and passed their passion on to him. They read to him from an early age and encouraged his imagination at every turn. His career may be in optics, as a manager/technician, but he loves to make time for writing and reading every day. Now living rurally in the Cotswolds with Wifey and their little Norse Goddess Freya, he’s inspired daily by the views they have and the things they see, from the deer in the fields to the buzzards circling overhead.

Writing is a huge part of his life and the medieval re-enactment background and tabletop gaming lend to it; when he’s not writing the genre, he’s either reading or playing it. He plans to keep writing, both within his current series, and those to come, whether short stories or epic tomes.

Black Cross is the first book from the tales of the Black Powder Wars. With book two, Black Guild coming out this year. He also has a short story out that you can get for free right now from Kindle Unlimited called Black Martlet That I loved!

For more about or to interact with JP Ashman use the linky things below.





Amazon universal link:


Fine Print

Jebidiah Pendragon is not really what the J.P. stands for (I think) but it’s funny for me because people might actually call him Jebidiah

Any of the winners can chose between Black Cross or Black Martlet in either paper back or Ebook. They can even wait for an ARC of Black Guild if they chose. To enter go to my FB page and add your submission to the comments of the pined post or email it to me

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