Update On My Storage Shed Hell

Well it is almost 3am Monday morning as I write this. A Quick recap of what has been going on. My brother had a huge storage shed 20′ X 10′ and 12′ tall that he had not payed for a long time. It had all of my grandmothers things plus a lot of my mothers and my stuff as well. So when the owner called my mom and gave her a good deal to get the stuff out she said yes. This is what it looked like Tuesday morning when I got there.


Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I worked 12 hours or so each day going through all of the stuff and taking trash to the dump. We where supposed to be done by Friday at the latest. So after only a few hours of sleep I went back at 4am to start working on it again. after 26 hours with only one 30 min break for a lunch I think I was kind of out of it. I fell asleep sitting on the back of the truck for around an hour. It was about 15 degrees out. I woke up with steam rolling off my body it was pretty cool but I was fucking cold.



mmm icy

I should also note that there is no light in the unit I had been working with candles and some tiki torches I found.


I went home and slept a few hours and was back by 9:30am but only lasted to around 2:00pm but I got it looking like this. I slept the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday getting up at about 5pm.

It has been great finding so much stuff of mine and my kids from when they were little but I have to do one more trip to the dump and have already taken almost 3 tons.. yes 3 TONS of shit to the landfill. So that means I have moved around 10 tons most likely. I just about condensed the 20′ X 10′ X 12′ unit down to a 5′ X 10′ X 12′

I haven’t really been on Facebook much the last few days. This is what my page looks like.


Plus I have a great Interview I need to post and I was already behind on my reviews and I finished 4 or 5 audio books while working.So I will be busy still for the next few days.

I have posted the meme below on FB before but no one ever thinks it is true.



Here is the proof.

Hey don’t judge me It was the year after Grease 2 came out and I was like 5 or 6 years old!

OH the reason I didn’t get the Truck today and finish this whole mess  was someone crashed into the fence with a U haul truck then lost the truck keys and they had not bought the insurance on the truck, so I thought I would leave the guys alone today.

Below are some photos of cool stuff I thought I would never see again.


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