Red Sister Art Contest

Reblogging and it wont let me email you my submissions. Ill post them there.

This is pretty self explanatory Jorg in  a forest of Thorns.


This one is A goblinized version of a young Jorg with more thorns in the Background.


And this one is a Thorns version of a M.C. Escher painting or something.


that thorn guy

This post is to announce a fan art contest with entries featuring characters from any Mark Lawrence novels. The three best entries will receive anAdvance Reading Copy of Mark Lawrence’s highly anticipated new novel:


 provided as prize for this competition byACE Books

A random winner will also receive a signed (or dedicated) Mark Lawrence novel, which they can choose from a wide selection, including foreign editions where available.



To enter the competition create an original piece of two-dimensional art (Painting, Drawing, Photography, Digital Art, etc) and email it to us by clicking HERE.

We are looking to receive entries featuring original elements conceived and created by you, the artist. Please make sure that your entry doesn’t violate any copyright laws and doesn’t include any copyrighted material, trademarks or logos owned by another party. Your entry mustn’t be a copy of a photo/artwork that you…

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