Hob’s REVIEW of The Last Sacrifice (Tides of War) by James A. Moore

The Last Sacrifice (Tides of War)

by James A. Moore

Jan 3, 2017

length 320 pages

I received a free E-copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way changes how I rate this book.

The start with the Facts of the book. just the Facts ma’am. I received an ARC that was not the final version so I won’t take off points for the Typos. However I do hope they get fixed before the final release January 3rd of 2017. There was hardly any errors in the first half of the book. Then around the halfway point I started seeing a few,  just little things like smile when it should be smiled. But as the end drew near I started seeing more and more.  Now the cover, well the cover  is fricken awesome. It really captures what the book is about even though you won’t understand that until  you are in to the book a bit.

Now we talk about the story. Well it was, as we say in a Facebook group I am in, “It was GDAF” or Grimdark as fuck!  So in a word “GREAT”.

Thanks for coming. See you later! Hope you enjoyed the review…….

For your enjoyment, here is an Undying Goblin lets call him Dowru-Hobs  and he just wants a hug.




Okay Okay I was just kidding. I am a Dad. I have to tell a certain amount of bad jokes a day. If I don’t hit my quota I could lose my Dad Card and you wouldn’t want that on your head now would you?

No, really it was a great book.  Even though we never really get to know the characters all that well, you can’t help but feel for some of them. That’s because James…er the Gods in the story are mean and petty. James  really is a nice guy, he even wished me a happy birthday while I was writing this review.  It literally just popped up on my screen now. Thanks James! Not very Grimdark of you though…… No we will never be happy with anything you do…….  Where was I before I was so rudely interrupted? oh hey interrupting isn’t very nice so I guess it was Grim if not very dark, to wish me a happy birthday. But what is Mark Lawrence’s excuse?

What? No I am not bragging! I had a perfectly good reason to tell you all that i got birthday wishes from some of my favorite authors. It’s not like I went out of my way to say Richard Knaak and Peter Newman . and many others wished me a happy birthday geez!….Let’s get back to the review….

This story is told in third person, and for the smallish size of the book, there are a lot of different POVs. That’s why we never really got to know anyone that well. But I have to admit the starting POV was done really well. I almost felt a few tears welling up and I didn’t even know what the hell was going on yet.  When I figured it out I was really upset. I remember thinking what a fucked up world these people live in.  And it is a Grimdark setting . I am not going to go into the plot but I will say you would not want to live in this place.

Final thoughts

It wasn’t that short of a book but it did feel that way because there was a lot of action. A lot of POVs but done well so it wasn’t confusing.  The ending came abruptly and without coming to much of a conclusion. But the way the ending summed up what everyone was doing and where they were at  was a nice touch, and that made up for the lack of a firm resolution  As it is I can’t wait for the next book and this one isn’t even out yet. Definitely a wild ride and I can’t wait to ride it again. I give The Last Sacrifice 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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