Month: December 2016

Hob’s review of The Malice by Peter Newman

The story starts some years after the first book, and like in The Vagrant there is a baby at the start of the book. but this time we see it born into the cruel world. It is spurned by its mother and taken in by someone who will care for the poor Kid.

HAPPY Saturnalia

Well it’s the 25th of December did you all have fun making your human sacrifice to destroy the forces of evil? What you didn’t do it? Well then how can I give away free audiobooks? Oh well 3 winners have been chosen anyway and they should have something in the E-mail already. . Congratulations to…

Hobs review of Black Martlet by J.P. Ashman

Black Martlet (Black Powder Wars short stories #1) by J.P. Ashman This will probably be my shortest review ever but it was a short story. It took me longer to make the graphics then to read it but it was one hell of a great short story. The way J.P. introduced the characters and setting…


  I was expecting one  book in the mail anytime in the next week or so.I was surprised It arrived all the way from the Netherlands so quickly. But then Femke had to Surprise me again with a second book and Candy canes!! Thanks Femke once again you are awesome The books are Sentinel (Ashen…

The first ATLAS POST

In Greek Mythology there was a god named Atlas. He was the heavy lifter of the ancient world. Keeping the sky from falling to earth by holding it up on his shoulders, Often shown like this.