Book Giveaway Winners

We have a winner !!!…  two of them.

We ended with 32 people entered and the 2 winners were chosen randomly by a computer program. They will recieve a free autographed copy of Paternus the multi-award wining first book by Dyrk Ashton. Screen shots of the winning names will be at the bottom. The winners are Once again, My fellow blogger, Danielle from Books, Vertigo and Tea and Ghibli. Congratulations to the winners! I want to thank you all for playing and helping me spread the word about my blog I started this blog On October 8th 2016 and with your help I have received just over  900 visitors and had almost  1,700 page views in less than 2 months. That is truly amazing to me, and I sincerely thank you all.

I will send each of the winners a email telling them that they have won and asking for a mailing address. If they do not respond by Monday 12/05/16 I will pick a new winner.

Here is a list of all the people that entered.

  1. Tom
  2. The Royal Polar Bear
  3. The Imbalance
  4. Susan Price
  5. smans001
  6. Rebekah Teller
  7. Readinginthemorning
  8. R B Watkinson
  9. Pia Roos
  10. ObservantRaven
  11. Noelle
  12. Minna Mononen
  13. Mia C.
  14. Meghana
  15. Lynn
  16. Liam
  17. Leini
  18. ladyvampire
  19. Kelsy
  20. Kameo Yarrow
  21. Jennifer Scott
  22. Jay
  23. Jason Parrish
  24. Ghibli
  25. fabiano
  26. Devon
  27. darkmondaysblog
  28. Christopher Cardenas
  29. Bryan
  30. Books, Vertigo and Tea
  31. bloodygrim
  32. Ashley Melanson

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