Hob’s review of Arcanum Unbounded: By Brandon Sanderson

Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection



Arcanum is a collection of short stories that each take place on a different planet or with a different group of people on a planet in the Cosmere. If you are a Sanderson fan like me there is not much new here. Of the eight stories only two were new to me. Only one story was completely new to this anthology. But that one story is worth the price of admission alone, it is AWESOME. If you know about Lyft you will get that.

I was reminded how good at world building Sanderson is over and over again with these short stories. Especially in regards to the magic systems. Every planet sometimes each side of the planet has its own unique magic system. But they are also all compatible and even intertwined in such neat ways that I really am amazed.

I listened to the Audiobook narrated by the best married couple in the business Michael Kramer , Kate Reading. I will buy just about anything read by either one of them. While I am really happy with the Audiobook I am upset that they don’t add on the E-book for a special price if you already have the Audiobook. With all of the art and maps you really should get a actual book or you are just getting ripped off.  I had it preordered for months and as it got closer and more information about the art was reveled I started to regret my decision. Now that I know I would need to pay an additional $15.00 for the art I am kind of pissed.

Putting that aside, It was a great way to spend 22 1/2 hours. I actually listened to it straight through. I finished around 6:00 am Thanksgiving morning, and am really thankful I don’t have anything to do today except eat and sleep.  And speaking of eating it is about that time so I am going to give Arcanum Unbounded 4 out of 5 pies…er I mean stars…….Mmmmm PIE….um What was I saying?  Oh yeah it would have been 5 stars if Audiobook users could download the art or buy the Ebook for around $5.00  but to spend $15.00 more after the $35.00 of the audiobook is ridiculous just to have the complete book.


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