First one while not really a book haul because its a E-book. I mention it because I was just going to look at the first page and ended up staying awake, reading it until 630 am last night. I was given the E-book of Wraith Knight by C.T. Phipps after I posted my review of one of his books. It comes out Tuesday 11/15/16.

wrath knight.jpg

Second one came last week but I never posted photos. Again not technically part of the book haul because I bought them. These are the signed books for the giveaway. It is Paternus by Dyrk Ashton. I actually bought four copies one for me one for my son and the 2 for the  giveaway.


This one is technically not a book haul because I bought it too. I got it from Amazon. I already have this from Audible narrated by Micheal Kramer and really liked it I rated it 5 stars. The author,  Jacob Cooper recently did a lot of work on it though. He cut 34,000 words, then added  around 60,000 words. Kramer just started rerecording it a few days ago and I wanted a paper version so I could compare the two. I was surprised to find it was signed. I asked Jacob and he confirmed it was real.

The final one I did get for free! But it is technically not a book haul because it wasn’t sent by the author or publisher. This one was sent to me by the amazing Femke. She thought I would enjoy it, and I think she was right. It looks great and I love the sticker.