Free Giveaway Three Bookplates Autographed By Brandon Sanderson

I will be giving away Three Autographed Bookplates from

#1 International Bestselling Author

Brandon Sanderson

Designed by Isaac Stewart.

These bookplates are signed and can be used as a bookmark but they are also decals  and can be placed just about anywhere they fit.  3″ x 4″

You MUST comment below on this post to be entered in the drawing then share this post.

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I would like to do a giveaway every month.  Probably of a new book being released or one I reviewed recently. But I need your help to spread the word about my blog.

This Giveaway will run until November 25th. One Autographed Bookplate will be. sent to each of the three winners chosen randomly. If you have questions feel free to  Ask me here


Here is a close up of the art

Brandon Sanderson is not involved with this giveaway other than signing the bookplates.


50 thoughts on “Free Giveaway Three Bookplates Autographed By Brandon Sanderson

  1. I will share this on my twitter (@rafaelrayb) and FB page (The Royal Polar Bear Reads) becauuuuse I am in dire need of those book plates! Thank you so much!

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  2. Since you love Brandon Sanderson (base on this post) I would like to recommend Michele Amitrani’s Omnilogos. That book is magnificent! Science Fiction. Sweeearrrr!

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  3. I’ve read The Reckoners Trilogy in a week and it was just pure gold! I’ve rated 5 stars on each book and I recommend it to every scifi fans. Sharing this on twitter and on Facebook!

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  4. Brandon Sanderson, I first started reading your work while I was deployed, ever since then I have not stopped reading your work and it has even become a sense of inspiration for me.

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