Hob’s review of Altar of Influence: The Orsarian War by Jacob Cooper

Altar of Influence: The Orsarian War (The Dying Lands Chronicle, #0)
by Jacob Cooper

I usually take notes while I read or listen to a book that I plan on reviewing. I didn’t with this one not because I didn’t like it. No I was so engrossed in the story I completely forgot. Actually that’s a lie I did write one note and for the first and only time I will post my unedited notes in a review. Well that’s a lie too, I am a bad speller so that has been fixed But you know what I mean.

” I loved the forward. Very insightful look into why this prequel was written. As Kramer started to read I actually got chills”

11 hours and 37 min later all I can say is wow good book sleep now.

After 12 hours of sleep I might be able to articulate that sentiment better. ……Wow Great book? No I can do better…..

It was excellent I loved getting to know Thannuel more. He is such a awesome character and he was hardly in Circle of Reign (The Dying Lands Chronicle #1).   The scene of a guy retrieving the pearl! Oh my god that guy is my favorite fisherman ever!

Altar of Influence follows Thannuel through early teens into manhood. But don’t let that put you off even in the beginning there is a lot of action. This story is about Sacrifice at its heart, and it found a place in mine.   It also filled in some of the world building that was never explained in CoR. There are still tons of questions I have mostly about the Big Bad of the world called the Ancient Dark.

I thoroughly enjoyed Altar of Influence I really can’t wait until Circle of Reign is rereleased. It has been well over a year since I listened to COR. I thought it was great, especially good for a first time author. But it has been gone over and changed quite a bit I hear with help from David Farland and it will be rereleased soon. Jacob told me the other day that Michael Kramer started recording it on November 1st. So definitely keep your eyes open for that one.


As for Altar of Influence I give it 4.50 out of 5 stars This is one series you should read now. If for no other reason than so you can tell your grandkids that you have been reading that series since it came out.

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