Hero (Homecoming #3; The Legend of Drizzt #30)
by R.A. Salvatore

I really can’t say how many of R.A. Salvatore’s books I have read. But I can tell you how many I have loved. Not a number of course or I would have told you how many I have read. My Favorites being The DemonWars closely followed by Drizzt.

I have been reading about the outcast Drow Elf since 1990, and he never disappoints. Lots of action with high-quality characters.  Good pacing and as always well written.

This was a good ending to the trilogy, most likely the series. Possibly the most emotional I have been about a series end since Wheel of Time. But now that I think about it I had been reading that one since 1990 also. God now I feel emotionally wrung out.AND OLD.

I have grown and changed considerably in the years since I first picked up a Drizzit book. So has Drizzit and friends. Still I did want to box his stupid pointy ears a few times while reading Hero.

If you have ever read a Drizzt Do’Urden book then you have to read this one. If have never read a Drizzt Do’Urden book then what is wrong with you? You call yourself a fantasy book fan? You should be ashamed of yourself!   Go! Just go!

All joking aside Hero is a great book with a more than satisfying end. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.