The Review of The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge

The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge

by Michael Punke
I read this back in April and I am still kind of amazed at how it became a movie. The same movie Leo got his Oscar from. I loved the movie, it was a really good look into the lengths a man can force his body to endure all for the sake of revenge. So obviously I wanted to get the book and see how much better it was than the movie just like I always do for book based movies that comes out. So I read the book and you know what?  It’s the first time ever that a movie is 100% better then the book!!!

****Spoiler Alert****

In the movie its Hugh Glass seeking revenge for his kid. That’s what the whole damn movie was about! Hugh is injured severely by a bear. (Such a awesome scene by the way.) as his group of Fur trappers and his son are running from a group of Indians That already slaughtered most of the Fur company. As he is pretty much in a coma he is slowing the party considerably. They think they have lost them but can’t be sure. The guy in charge asks for 2 volunteers to stay with him until he dies then bury him and they will get paid double.  So the son and 2 guys stay with him. This one guy comes back from gathering fire wood and he’s the first one back. He decides he’s going to smother Glass. As he is doing this Glass wakes up but is to week to stop him. The kid arrives and runs at the guy to push him away. The guy freaks out and stabs the kid. Glass is watching this happen his throat was slashed up so he can’t yell or Speak. He hides the kids body and tells the other guy something must of happened to him but we got to go I saw some Indians. As they leave they take all the supplies and Glass’s rifle. Leaving him with nothing except one ratty blanket and the ripped bloody clothes he is in at the start of a snowy winter.

In the book It starts the same except Glass doesn’t even have a kid let alone one that gets killed. Seriously no kid. No son no daughter. Not even a nephew or second cousin twice removed. Nothing


No, in the book the guys took his rifle and Glass wanted it back….. so he goes through what no man can survive to get back a rifle that he needed so he could survive normal things….

Well it is a true story supposedly so… I guess?? But he never even kills the guy that took the rifle grrr sometimes books piss me off more than they should- I Give this 1.75 stars out of five. Would I have liked it more if I read the book first? We will never know.

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