The Queen’s Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler

A pretty good book That I didn’t like for most of it. Confused?   Yeah so was I.  I mean the Poisoner hates to kill people the evil king that people say killed his nephews and took the crown that should have gone to them is a really nice guy.. The fat spy writes his feelings about everything even the stuff he could get killed for in a diary. I also thought the characters where generic.

It wasn’t until almost at the end of the book as one person is dying and I realized I was getting all teary eyed. I had some how come to care for these people. That tells me it is a great book just for a younger audience, Or that I have become some kind of giant man child. I listened to the audiobook while driving from Arizona to LA and finished like 2 minutes before I got where I was going. So its a nice short book to read or listen to with the kids at bedtime.

I am going to give it 3 stars for myself But For someone with Kids age 6-11 to read it with I would  Give it 4.25 stars

2 thoughts on “The Queen’s Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler

  1. Well it probably isn’t but I was reading Thomas Covenant by 11 and my kids where reading wheel of time by 12. If you like YA you will like it I am sure I will probably finish the series at some point.


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