Hob’s review of The Vagrant by Peter Newman


The Vagrant By Peter Newman Narrated By Jot Davies Length: 13 hrs and 25 mins

A mute a Infant girl and a goat walk in to a Post-Apocalyptic Demon ruled world. The mute looks at the baby and says nothing.

HAHHAHHAHA get it? He’s mute. So like, he can’t say anything…………

Ok so I can’t write good jokes but, Anything I ever wrote would fail to come close to this amazing book.

I kept picturing Peter talking to an agent and a publisher and telling them about a book he wrote. So it’s a First-person POV But with no internal monologue and he is mute…… Then as they look at Peter with “Oh god who let this nutjob in here” looks on their faces. He would hurry to explain. well he’s not alone he has a baby and a goat with him. He sits back and smiles. The publisher slowly moves his hand to the Security button on his desk.

Yes The office was in New York and everyone was in 1930’s suits and the Publisher had a glass of whisky and a cigar. With a big red SECURITY button next to the big black rotary phone.

Now I doubt someone would ever get in to a publishers actual office without someone having already read at least a sample and I suspect that not even Publishers still use those phones but that’s how I pictured it.

Stop judging me!

I am not the crazy one here. That would be Peter Newman. And he is crazy, crazy like a fox.

OK now on to my Review!!

As Far as plot goes I told you as much as I am going to.

I know I am an ass right? Well I knew no more than the title and that a few friends had read it and liked it when I picked it up. So you already know too much if you ask me.

The character depth is astounding for the limited ways we get to know them. One of the best Literary characters I have ever met actually. And yes, I said THEM.  The Vagrant is good but not my favorite, that would be the goat. Stop looking at me like my imaginary Publisher looked at my imaginary Mr. Newman.  I really did just say One of the best Literary characters I have ever met is a unnamed Goat.

Ok I better wrap this up Or one of you will try and have me committed. Just trust me and get this book. It is an emotional roller-coaster of humor and sorrow, that I will want to ride again many times.

The audio book was magnificently narrated By Jot Davies. A relatively new “voice” in the audio book world. I have only ever listened to one other book by him, Time and Time Again  By Ben Elton, also very well narrated and a good book.

The Vagrant  earns 4.75 out of 5 stars

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