Hob’s review of An Unwelcome Quest (Magic 2.0 #3) by Scott Meyer

Take a deep breath lads. YOU earned it!!

I listened to this the first time right after the audio book came out. Just a few days ago  I went camping. As I was …um.. putting the fire out. I started laughing to myself hearing that line in my head “Take a deep breath lads. YOU earned it!!” So I had to do a “”re-reread”” and it was even better the third time.

I don’t know what happened to my review on goodreads so I’ll re-do it too.
I love this series so much and all the audio books are narrated by the Great Luke Daniels. I have loved every book I have listened to with Luke as the Narrator and do Audible searches now under his name and get every book he reads. If you have a sense of humor and enjoy a unique story. You really need to listen to this series.

I’m sure you have heard the theories that we all live in a computer simulation. If it were true there would have to be a file of every ones data points, like height and weight. What if you found that file and edited it, with a bit of experimentation you find the data point for your bank balance and GPS location and the century you live in. That’s how this series gets started in Off to Be the Wizard. After the bank alerts the Police about how his account never has any deposits but keeps having more money in it, Martin Banks decides its time to go back to a better more relaxed time, like medieval England to become a famous wizard.The second book kind of slows the pace down. but its still a lot of fun. The third book is probably my favorite.

When the evil wizard Todd some how gets Martin and friends in to his own simulation they will have to fight their way through the badly made game they are stuck in.
I loved all the ridiculous things they have to deal with during the quest like the same enemies in every location just rendered different colors and 2 wolves respawn at the same spot one has died every 20 min. It is just such a great series! really you need to check it out. I give books #1 and #3 5 stars. Book 2 gets 4 Stars and the series as a whole at a almost perfect 4.5 out of 5 stars

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