While I enjoy the occasional Zombie/horror book they are not usually something I recommend to my friends, This type of book is more of a guilty pleasure for me.  Through The Eyes Of The Undead is an exception to this rule. This book is pretty awesome and I have told a few friends to order it.

The theme of this  anthology of short stories is about zombies but not in the , running from a horde kinda way. As the name implies all the tales in this book are told by the zombies. So I guess you could say the humans are the bad guys in this one. Now I know that sounds strange (or for those that have read the Timothy series by Mark Tufo horrifying I know, but trust me on this. It is a great read.

Containing something for everyone there is . Some stories are humorous some that make you want to cry a few that made me sit back and think what the…F&%#. But overall probably the best Anthology I have read in years. And for those that know me I read a lot! And If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.com its free as of 5/6/16 regular price $2.99 I think.