When the Heavens Fall (The Chronicle of the Exile, #1) By Marc Turner

I had been hearing good things about this series for a while and really wanting to read it. So instead of patiently waiting till it was on top of my “to be read’ pile I pushed the pile over and grabbed it. So glad I did. But now I will be even further behind on my stack as ill push everything else out of the way Again when the next book gets here.

For a Novel as broad of scope as this it took me a remarkably short amount of time to understand the world building, but at the same time it was not generic fantasy tropes at all. and that is something to be treasured.
Good dialog and pacing of the story was just about perfect. Over all I highly recommend this book! When the Heavens Fall gets 5 stars from me. Thanks for the great story Marc. I will be getting to the next books soon

One thought on “When the Heavens Fall (The Chronicle of the Exile, #1) By Marc Turner

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