Bluescreen By Dan Wells Audio Book Review

*******Somehow half or more of this review was erased Will fix at some point Sorry and read the book!***

I have Been a fan of Dan Wells since 2009, right after his first book came out. His john Cleaver books where fantastic. Then with Partials I watched the book trailer and thought it looked cool but nothing like the Clever books. Again I was amazed and loved that series. The really amazing thing to me was how he could tell the story of a young sociopath that doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and then about a girl trying to save the last few pockets of humans alive and do them both so well. Plus he was hilarious on writing excuses.

The first I heard about Bluescreen was from Dan, himself telling me to pick a card. There were different cards laid out on the table Each had different characters that I didn’t recognize. I was surprised that he already had a new series in the works and thought it would be rushed. But I am happy to say It was not!


The main character is so well done that i swear Dan must have gone to live with a Mexican-American family for a few months for research. She sounded so much like my ex-girlfriend from LA at times it was scary. Good plot and pacing. Some large plot points were kind of predictable to me but not really in a bad way. I loved the Audio book and it was done with the perfect narrator.

I would rate it at a 4.5  out of 5

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